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modern storytelling for Refined couples who have reverence for their love and the little things

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Neo Soul + anything Sade

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Nothing beats a good Vanilla

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Relaxed Editorial

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Italian or Thai

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Freedom and Integrity

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portra 400 & fuji 400h

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After picking up a camera in 2015 and falling in love with capturing urban abstracts, I turned to film photography which further developed my love of the nostalgic colour palettes that influence my work to this day.

As I developed my skillset and grew in confidence, my subject matter transformed from straight lines to starry-eyed lovers. When I look back at my old work, I think how much more impactful my photographs could have been if I had incorporated the storytelling that I bring to my imagery now. I'm proud to say that I do what I love and I am so grateful to serve my clients.

I strive to create images and films that will pull at the heart strings yet make you want to party. My style is inspired by editorial and filmic looks, focused on the authentic moments captured in a timeless and artful way. I love raw emotions and stay away from overly and forced images.

The most important thing to me is that you have the most stress free, enjoyable day possible. I aim to capture the excitement, little moments and emotions of the day naturally, beautifully and unobtrusively.

i want to capture the feeling of the experience that is your wedding day

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Communication was amazing, and on the day, Evelina’s calm, cool and collected nature put us all at ease. We just received our teaser video (only 5 days after our wedding - surely that’s a record) and it is PERFECTION.

Thao & Kevin

Evelina just made Nick and I feel like bloody rockstars - she made us feel comfortable, confident and completely natural. She captured the sentimental parts as well as including our epic dance floor. She’s creative and inconspicuous and she’s everything!

Caitlin & nick

Evelina is amazing! The most chilled but also very organised person! You don’t realise she is there most of the time so she captures everything very naturally. Our teaser we got was stunning!

sarah & dane

Evelina was amazing, she made us feel so comfortable! Just had a sneak peak of my wedding photos and all I can say is wow, they are beautiful! I cannot recommend her enough!!

misha & stuart

In the world of photography, I'm not just a service provider; I'm a memory architect dedicated to crafting your most precious moments into timeless treasures. With my lens as a storyteller, I have the unique ability to capture the authenticity of your love, the candid smiles, and those fleeting glances that make your story uniquely yours.

My passion for photography goes beyond the technicalities; it's about creating a visual narrative that resonates with the emotions of your special day. By choosing my services, you're not just hiring a photographer; you're investing in a lifelong journey of reliving the joy, romance, and magic that you and your loved ones share.

Let's embark on this incredible journey together and i'll transmute your moments into cherished memories

let's create together

Want me at your wedding?

If you're filled with excitement and eager to know more, there's a good chance the feeling will be mutual.

I'd love to learn all about your plans and vision for the day and chat about how we can bring it all to life.