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looking to elevate your business, brand and mindset? need help with social media strategies or sEO? Scared of shooting in harsh, midday light? No idea where to start with videography?

In the 7 years since I first began in the wedding industry, I've gained a plethora of knowledge and experience along the way. From shooting across Australia and building my brand as a destination wedding photographer and videographer, building a confident approach to documenting real moments with an editorial edge, and building a solid foundation to my business that supports my premium services.

I offer one on one mentoring sessions to photographers and videographers of all levels. Whether you are new to the industry, struggling in some aspects of your business, need to refresh your skills or get some feedback on your work, these sessions are completely catered to your individual needs.

topics we can cover

Portfolio reviews
Building a social media presence
Social Media Audit & Strategy
SEO 101 & Website Audit
Blogging & Blog Posts
Editing & Workflow
Growth Mindset & Intentions
Managing client expectations
Client management & CRM
Building a Strong Foundation
Posing & directing couples

Understanding Light
Backup Workflow
Hosting Content Workshops
How to Book Destination Weddings
Advertising & Marketing
Your Ideal Client
Videography Editing & Workflow
Wedding Film Reviews
Website Design Review
Branding Review
And more...


2 hour

A once-off session ideal for covering up to 2 topics of your choosing. Great for discussing specific issues in your business. We can do these sessions in person in Adelaide or via Google Meet.

3 x 2 Hour

A comprehensive series of sessions spread over 3 months which will allow us to cover a substantial amount of topics of your choosing as well as a comprehensive portfolio review. We can do these sessions in person in Adelaide or via Google Meet.

$480 / session

$1,260 / 3 months
1 session per month

targeted services

I'll run your Instagram account numbers and review your analytics to empower you to navigate Instagram with clarity and intention.

I'll share how each feature on Instagram has its own algorithm and which posting methods to utilise for your specific desired outcome, tips on making engaging reels and what content Instagram values most, along with a template for caption writing and targeted hashtag research to get you started.

You'll get the full run down on your audience authenticity, following trends and engagement rate and my tips on how to improve these metrics while showing up authentically.

Must have 1k+ followers

Social Media Audit & Strategy

Website SEO Audit & Strategy

Let's dive into the depths of your website and see where you can improve your SEO rankings.

I'll explain how your website structure affects how your website is 'read' by Google, how important it is to optimise your images and the power keywords have in improving your visibility on Google.

I'll also share the importance of blogging in the age of social media. A good blog post ages like fine wine and remains evergreen, which can be a far more powerful way to drive traffic and leads to your website than the hamster wheel that can be social media.

If you're seeking very practical advice, I have the most experience with Showit websites and Wordpress for blogging.



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