25 June 2020

Enough Studio Editorial Winter Hair Campaign

The campaign shoot of my dreams

I had the pleasure creatively collaborating on this campaign photoshoot with the wonderful Lisa from Adelaide’s low-tox go-to hair salon, Enough Studio.

About Enough

Enough Studio is a hair salon and wellness studio that is committed to sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

One of the things that makes Enough Studio unique is their focus on sustainable hair care. They use eco-friendly products and practices whenever possible, and they educate their customers about how to care for their hair in a way that is good for the environment.

Lisa’s Community

Over on the Enough Studio Instagram page, you’ll find a beautiful community supported by Lisa’s commitment to promoting and advocating for low-tox and sustainable hair care.

Give Enough a follow for more:

  • Sharing hair inspiration: Enough Studio regularly posts photos and videos of beautiful hairstyles and hair colors. This content helps to inspire their followers and shows them the possibilities of sustainable hair care.
  • Providing hair care tips: Enough Studio also shares helpful hair care tips on their Instagram page. This content helps their followers to learn how to keep their hair healthy and shiny using sustainable methods.
  • Recommending eco-friendly products: Enough Studio recommends eco-friendly hair products to their followers. This helps to make it easier for their followers to find and use sustainable products.
  • Educating about sustainable practices: Enough Studio also uses their Instagram page to educate their followers about sustainable hair care practices. For example, they might post about the importance of recycling hair clippings or using water-saving hair washing techniques.

The Winter Hair Campaign

Always intentional and considered, this shoot was no different and took place at Kuitpo Forest on one of those first few sunny days prior to spring making her grand entrance.

Bringing Lisa’s creative vision to life was such a fulfilling experience and I am so proud of the images we created together which you can view below.

Get in touch if you need visuals for a complete re-brand, campaign imagery for a new product launch, or lifestyle content for your website and socials.

Evelina x

Enough Studio Editorial Winter Hair Campaign


25 June 2020