30 September 2023

George: A Creative Branding Shoot

Back in collaboration with Lisa of Enough Studio for a creative launch campaign photoshoot for George Haircare

Meet George

Organic / Natural Clean / Low-Tox / Vegan

Having had a beautifully fulfilling creative relationship with Lisa, owner of Enough Studio, over the years, I was thrilled when she announced the release of her very own biz-baby, George Haircare.

Made with clean ingredients sourced from nature, George combines the power of Mother Nature and science to deliver hardworking staples that are gentle on you and the planet. And boy did I relish getting the opportunity to get creative with this shoot.


Everything your hair needs and nothing it doesn’t


No pseudo-science or false claims


Ingredients are sourced from nature, and backed by science

The Creative Shoot

With George being bright, fun and colourful, we wanted to honour that throughout this shoot versus the more muted tones and palette you’ll see throughout our other work for Enough Studio.

I think we nailed it.

Here’s more from another collaborative venture from Lisa and I. If you’re looking for some creative branding photography, I know someone.

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Evelina x

George: A Creative Branding Shoot


30 September 2023