a bride and groom share a kiss with the Strathalbyn countryside in the background

13 October 2023

A Rustic & Earthy Strathalbyn Wedding

Embrace South Australian Elegance in Strathalbyn for Your Wedding Day

If you dream of a wedding surrounded by historic allure and quintessential South Australian beauty, then Strathalbyn is your enchanting answer. Nestled in the heart of this picturesque town, you’ll find a wealth of venues, each offering its own unique canvas for your dream day.

Strathalbyn: Historical Grandeur in South Australia

Imagine exchanging vows amidst the historic architecture and elegant streets that define Strathalbyn. This idyllic town, rich in heritage and natural beauty, offers a serene and timeless backdrop for your wedding celebration.

a bride and groom share a kiss in front of old stone building at Bremer Farm in Strathalbyn

Strathalbyn Venues as Unique as Your Love Story

In Strathalbyn, you’ll discover a range of venues, each exuding its own distinctive character. Bec and Jake chose Bremer Farm to host their wedding day which you can view below. Whether you envisage an intimate ceremony in a charming garden, a classic celebration in a heritage-listed building, or an outdoor affair under the open sky, Strathalbyn offers the perfect canvas for your dream wedding.

Personalised Touches for Your Special Day

The venues in Strathalbyn understand that every wedding is unique. They work closely with couples to ensure that every detail, from floral arrangements to table settings, mirrors your personal style and vision.

Begin Your Forever in Strathalbyn

With its historical charm, exceptional cuisine, and dedicated teams, Strathalbyn provides a captivating backdrop for a wedding that will feel like an authentic representation of you. I’d love to be a part of it.

Evelina x

a bride and groom share a kiss with the open fields of Strathalbyn in the backgroun

Bec & Jake


We are high school sweethearts that met at the young age of 15. We met in high school when Bec was in Year 10 and Jake was in Year 9. One day we were gathered with our friends on the school’s front lawn and Jake was doing back flips off a tree. One of Bec’s friends had bought a wax strip to school and were walking around with it trying to convince one of the boys to wax their armpit and Jake was that lucky boy! Bec waxed Jake’s armpit — that was the first time they had officially met. A true love story.

Our first date was a double date to the movies where we were originally meant to be wingmen for two of our friends. We didn’t watch much of the movie because we spent the whole time talking, laughing and throwing popcorn and chocolate over the seats.

After a few more group gatherings Jake and I had our first kiss (or rather, a quick nervous peck) after school in front of the bus stop. It was Valentine’s Day.

Neither of us had ever had someone that we felt we could be our complete and honest selves around. There were no awkward silences, and we made each other laugh more than anyone else, we were best friends from the very start.

After high school we spent some time apart — twice. As heart broken as we both were, we spent that time getting to know who we were. We learnt how to be apart and both did some serious maturing. After six months we got back together for a year, then spent another six months apart. Looking back, we both say that even when we were broken up we couldn’t see ourselves being with anyone else, we knew that we were going to end up together, married.

And here we are over eight years later and we couldn’t be happier together.


We got engaged on 31st July 2021 at Boomer Beach in Port Elliot which has always been our favourite beach to visit. Prior to our engagement, Jake had booked a surprise weekend away at Port Elliot while I had spent some time in hospital with severe asthma. I went back to work for one day and came home feeling awful and exhausted but this happened to be the same day we were due to leave for our weekend trip. All I wanted to do was have a shower and take a nap, but Jake was on a tight time frame and was ready to leave. He told me that I could nap when we got to our Air BnB.

Once we arrived, I was ready to crash onto the couch, but again Jake “didn’t want to waste our trip” and encouraged me to get ready for a beach walk. I knew something was suss as Jake isn’t the one to be pushy, especially when I’m not feeling well! We walked from Chiton Beach to Boomer Beach. It was windy, raining and we struggled through the sand while trying to keep under our umbrellas. I spent the whole walk complaining that I wanted to head back, which led to Jake carrying me on his back for half the walk with an engagement ring hidden down his underwear.

Once we arrived at Boomer Beach, Jake set up a picnic blanket and we huddled under the umbrella. Again, I complained and wanted to call a taxi because I felt like I was not going to make the walk back. Suddenly our kelpie, Halle, came running down onto the beach with a “Will you marry me?” sign around her neck. I instantly starting crying as Jake got down onto a sandy knee to ask me to marry him (while my sister and mum hid behind some bushes taking photos). We went back to the Air BnB, drank champagne and had fish and chips for dinner while calling our family and friends to share the exciting news!


Cocktail, relaxed, rustic, boho.


Spending just a few moments away with each other after the ceremony to share our vows and take some time to settle into the reality of the day.


Early organisation and spreadsheets will be your best friend.

Styling & Vendor Details:

Photo & Video / EVKA Weddings
Venue / Bremer Farm
Celebrant / Married By Ali
Dress Designer / Madi Lane Bridal
Dress Boutique / Luv Bridal & Formal
Suit Designer / Peter Shearer
Florist / Flower Your Soul
Make Up Artist / The Meraki Element
Hair Stylist / Darcy Louise
DJ / Svmple
Live Music / Rachel Coppen Music
Cake Maker / Heidelberg Cakes
Engagement Ring / The Jewellery Doctor
Hair Stylist / Styled By Tamika
Make Up Artist / Styled By Tamika
Food / Daisy Burger Catering
On The Day Coordinator / Wildflowers And Moss
Dress / Oh Beaut Boutique
Hire / Olympic Party Hire

A Rustic & Earthy Strathalbyn Wedding


13 October 2023