20 August 2020

The Right Routine for Me

Finding Routine as a Freelancer

My current routine: I sit down at my desk in my sunroom-turned-study, usually at around 10am (I’m working on that) with a tea in hand, ready to plan out my day. And by plan, I mean writing a daily to-do list which takes inspiration from my weekly to-do list, which I base from my monthly to-do list.

Over the weeks as this routine has taken shape, I’ve noticed the birds in my backyard as I gaze out the window in between spurts of my own productivity. These birds all have their routines too. There’s a pigeon that nestles under one of the stone fruit trees in the same spot every morning. Never for too long, but long enough for me to know roughly what time of day it is. It sits in the shade, still and alone, and I can’t help but resonate with this little creature as I too, value pausing and having time for myself each morning before I get stuck into work. I find it essential in calibrating my brain to function optimally throughout the day.

Prioritising Yourself isn’t Selfish

Time for myself is not selfish. This is a mantra I have been repeating to myself all year. I am learning that it lends to more productivity, more gratitude, better relationships with everyone in my life — including myself.

I’m always trying to find a balance between my own needs and obligations that I need to complete in order to create the life I want for myself. I am working on self-discipline and getting up earlier, especially in these warmer months, while still allowing time for my little morning rituals that ground me before I focus on the external.

External vs. Internal

I’ve tried other peoples routines, going for walks and showering in the mornings, but those things just aren’t for me. I’ve always loved having the afternoons free to myself. I’ve always felt most present and creative in the early morning or late into the night. I’ve stopped listening to the ‘noise’, and have instead tuned in to my own natural rhythm that emanates from within. Ultimately, that’s what is going to work for me.

How My Current Routine Looks Now

I prefer to take my walks after I’ve done the bulk of my work in the late afternoon. I shower at night not too long before bed to get a great nights sleep. Aside from a high-protein breakfast within an hour of waking up, I only eat when I’m hungry. I try to do work that I am in the right headspace for in any present moment. I don’t force anything that doesn’t feel right. I just do my absolute best in any given moment.

I love reading a self-development book in the mornings over breakfast, and The Four Agreements resonated a lot with me. If you’re still here reading this, I feel that it may align with you too so I recommend checking it out.

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Evelina x

The Right Routine for Me


20 August 2020