24 October 2023

The Travel Diaries: Carrickalinga, South Australia

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Carrickalinga, what an unexpected find. The beach, a stretch of golden sands framed by clear, inviting waters, offered a tranquillity that was immediately arresting.

Nestled along the Fleurieu Peninsula, Carrickalinga is a hidden gem. The journey south from the city of Adelaide is a scenic delight, winding through the picturesque landscapes and southern coastline of South Australia.

Leaving the city behind, the road unfurls through the undulating countryside. The air carries a distinct scent of earth and sea, a refreshing departure from urban life.

As the road nears the coast, glimpses of the Southern Ocean begin to peek through the trees. The lapis blue waters seem to beckon, promising respite from the hustle of city living. The drive along the coast is a study in contrasts, with rugged cliffs giving way to tranquil bays and coves.

Finally arriving at Carrickalinga, the transition from road to beach is seamless. The golden sands and sparkling waters stretch out before you, a testament to nature’s beauty and the perfect reward for the journey.

I strolled along the shore, the sand cool beneath my feet, and the waves lapping at the beach in a rhythmic, hypnotic pattern. Families and individuals alike dotted the coastline, each finding their own space amidst nature’s canvas.

The surrounding landscape, with its undulating hills and coastal vegetation, added a touch of untamed beauty. It was a landscape that seemed indifferent to the passage of time, a reminder of nature’s enduring grace.

As the sun dipped low on the horizon, the beach took on a warm, golden glow. The fading light painted the scene in muted hues, casting a sense of quiet contemplation over the landscape.

Carrickalinga’s beach is not one of ostentatious grandeur, but rather a place of subtle, unassuming serenity and beauty. It’s a destination where one can find solace in the simplicity of the natural world.

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Evelina x

The Travel Diaries: Carrickalinga, South Australia


24 October 2023