8 February 2022

Flowstate Yoga & Pilates Lifestyle Shoot

Aneeka of Flowstate Physio is a movement enthusiast whose passion is helping people feel and perform their best. Her new offering, a monthly movement flow, is all about prioritising your health and well-being by allowing yourself to slow down, breathe, and move in ways you never have before. I’m grateful for the opportunity she afforded me in shooting these lifestyle images for her.

Lifestyle Meets Holistic Photography

Some recent lifestyle client work from this surprisingly busy “off-season”.

I’ve taken up Yoga in these first few weeks of 2022 and I can’t help but think that Rachel sprouted some subconscious seeds of inspiration for me during this shoot. It’s been a blissful way to start the year, as the chaos that is December simmers down into an appreciation of the balmy nights and early mornings.

I know I’m not alone is experiencing the benefits of these seemingly subtle movements. Mindful movement has been show to:

  • Mindful yoga reduces stress levels and promotes a sense of calmness and tranquility.
  • It enhances flexibility, mobility, and range of motion, making movements easier and more fluid.
  • Yoga strengthens muscles throughout the body, improving stability, balance, and overall posture.
  • Regular practice can alleviate chronic pain conditions, such as back pain and arthritis.
  • It improves balance, coordination, and proprioception, reducing the risk of falls and injuries.
  • Mindful yoga fosters a deeper connection between the physical body, breath, and mind.
  • It sharpens focus and concentration, enhancing cognitive function and mental clarity.
  • Yoga provides a safe space to explore and process emotions, promoting emotional resilience.
  • Many practitioners report experiencing more restful and rejuvenating sleep.
  • Through self-awareness and empowerment, individuals learn to navigate life’s challenges with greater ease.

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Evelina x

The details:

Client: Flow State Physio / Venue: Enough Studio / Model: Rachel Fenwick

Flowstate Yoga & Pilates Lifestyle Shoot


8 February 2022