1 March 2023

My Connection to Your Wedding Day Experience

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The Power of Connection in Your Wedding Experience

In the realm of wedding photography, I do things differently. Take a moment to explore my approach and see if we’re the perfect fit. I’d rather you choose a photographer or videographer who resonates with you, because your connection with your creative vendors profoundly impacts how you’ll cherish your photos and films later on.

I want both of us to be excitedly celebrating and doing happy dances after working together. That’s what you deserve for your special day.

Work with me

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True to You

My style centres on genuine moments. No contrived poses or forced smiles. It’s about capturing the true essence of your day. We co-create, steering away from the typical, posed shots. If you’re seeking a photographer solely for polished, picture-perfect images, we might not be the ideal match.

Connection & Trust

Connection and trust foster all sorts of good things around here. I’m not a vendor and you’re not my client. We’re friends. I get really invested in my couples because I really do care so much. I want to be more than just a photographer to you. Let’s focus on creating together rather than just ‘getting photos done’. I stress the importance of connection because it makes my best work for couples I consider friends. My main focus above all else is that my couples are having a good time. Most of my couples show up uneasy saying “Sorry, we’re awkward and hate getting our photo taken”, and by the end they’re saying how easy and fun it was.

The Road Less Travelled

I’m an advocate for couples who choose to break away from convention and do things their way. That’s how it should be. It tugs at my heart when I hear couples express regrets like “we wish we had opted for a smaller wedding” or “we actually don’t even like cake” as they’re about to cut the wedding cake. Whether it’s tying the knot on the Amalfi Coast or the Fleurieu Peninsula. Donning a unique ensemble, or even embarking on a pre-wedding bar-hopping adventure with loved ones. I’m fully on board. Your day should reflect you, and I’m here to support you every step of the way. The moments you wish to immortalise deserve to be captured in a way that evokes emotions for generations to come. I envision you looking back at these photos decades from now, feeling the same love you feel for each other today.

Invest in Memories

To me, photography and film hold greater significance than just items on a wedding checklist. In the midst of coordinating seating arrangements, choosing bridesmaid dresses, and selecting florals, it’s easy to overlook that photos and film are the lasting mementos of your special day. I often hear couples express regret after skimping on photography for their wedding. Photographs gain value with time, becoming cherished heirlooms. If you’re bargain hunting, I might not be the cheapest option, and that’s perfectly fine. You deserve a photographer who aligns with your vision, including your budget. I’m driven by a passion for capturing couples who appreciate the worth of authentic, enduring photographs.

Here to Help You

You probably haven’t been a bride or groom before so you’re figuring all of this stuff out as you go. Since I’ve been to my fair share of weddings, I have know-how when it comes to details. The to dos, the don’ts, the timeline, how to get the most out of your day. I’m happy to help in any big or little ways that I can to make sure this is a stress-free experience for you!

Evelina x

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My Connection to Your Wedding Day Experience


1 March 2023